Built For Women Who Chose To Be Radical

Who We Are

Sisters Of Powerlifting  is a community based business striving to increase the awareness of self love  amongst  Women of color who are Athletes . We intend to continuously seek ways to not only give back but empower our girls and allow them to see that that they are not alone  but more so a  POWERFUL and a growing  international community of women who come in many different size shapes and PERSONALITIES 


How Can You Help ?

Donate Gear

If you currently have unused items of which you are no longer in need of concider donating it to another possible lifter who is going through a rough time

Make Small Donations To Our Go Fund Me

Consider making small donations to our go fund me account to assist with paying for a lifters meet fees , registration fees and or travel fee . The rest is coming from our pockets here at SistersOfPowerlifting

Word Of Mouth

A lot of times people fail to realize that our voice is sometimes one of the most powerful things that we possess . Spread word about what we are trying to achieve !

    Keep Up With Our Progress !