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As Darkness Tries to bring Gloom Over America, Light Brings Hope to the World

Sherine Marcelle

Posted on June 14 2020

As Darkness Tries to bring Gloom Over America, Light Brings Hope to the World

Written by Nadia D. Avery 

The world never changes it only finds different ways of doing the same thing. Police brutality has been around even before we were born. We must stand for the truth and tell it no matter the consequences or opposition we must try to find the piece of light surrounding us all.    

On May 25th, 2020 George Floyd was killed by four members of the Minneapolis Police Department in Minnesota. Many news reports have claimed that he died while in the custody of the police later that night. However, from the video footage seen by many across the world, Mr. Floyd’s body became lifeless as Officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on his neck for almost nine minutes in counting with his hands cuffed - causing his airways to be constricted while three others held him down as Chauvin was applying force.

 Mr. Floyd can be heard screaming “I can’t breathe!”  and calling out for his mother while pleading with the officer to please stop” on the video footage that was recorded by witness. 

After the video hit social media on May 26th it sparked a wildfire of protests all around the world the next day.  Many people stood in solidarity with signs that read “Black Lives Matter and Stop Killing Us”. Mr. Floyd did not deserve to be treated like this - no person does.

As more Americans began to protest and stand in solidarity for the family of Mr. Floyd many were outraged, frightened, and overwhelmed with grief. The Black community has had enough of these senseless killings. 

 Mr. Floyds’ death ignited emotions that have been felt many times before such as the death of Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Ahmaud Arbery, and Sandra Bland along with many more. If you do not know about these individuals, I have named please find out who they are and make their stories known. Let us make sure that their names are not forgotten. 

Names of individuals that have been killed by police brutality; photo taken by Vanessa Anyanso.


Please see the following links for more information regarding George Floyd.

More on this story is developing daily. 






 As the protest continued throughout the day more people began to show up. Officers were told to control the crowd to keep the protest peaceful. However, that did not happen. People began to become uneasy with the presence of the officers being at the protest because how can anyone trust someone who has taken an oath to protect but instead abuse their power to commit murder. 

 Hundreds of people began to fill the streets to demand change against the police brutality and systemic racism that African Americans and people of color face in America.  Officers became uneasy as well and started to deploy tear gas into the crowds. Later throughout the night protesters began to set everything in the surrounding areas on fire, along with the 3rd Police Precinct that Chauvin worked. The damage that has been done to this city is well beyond $1Million dollars to fix. 

Due to all the stores being burned down and or looted it has caused the residences to go without the necessities we tend to take for granted like having access to public transportation, and grocery stores.  


See link .

















A Minneapolis resident by name of Vanessa Anyanso a black woman saw what was going on in her city and wanted to find a way to help during this time of turmoil and anguish.  Vanessa is a current Psychology PHD student, writer and powerlifter. Vanessa noticed a post on Instagram from Holy Trinity Church asking for help with supplies. Vanessa felt like it was something she could do seeing that it was only 10 minutes from her home.  Therefore, after looking at the post Vanessa made an “impulsive decision” as she said on a phone call we had to post on social media. That she is going to start gathering supplies to donate to the people of Minneapolis and if anyone wanted to donate money to help her do so. 


Vanessa was astonished by the amount of financial support received from friends and others to donate items such as washing detergent, diapers, bread, baby formula and much more. As of recent, Vanessa has donated $17,000 dollars’ worth of supplies and $1,000 dollars to the local library system because some branches have been destroyed.  Vanessa has also helped the to prepare First Aid bags for protesters too


Vanessa with supplies image taken by Rachel Lauren Mueller on 5/3



Photos taken by Vanessa Anyanso of items that have been donated. 


During a conversation with Vanessa we talked about how she felt about the protest, what her meaning of mobilization in our communities and what we need to do to change the narrative about what the media is portraying regarding Minneapolis and its people.  

Vanessa said her method of mobilization is doing supply runs and volunteering, while for others it may be protesting or sharing information via social media. In regards to the media “we need to make sure the people are telling their stories and that everything you do during this time is valuable and we have to take care of ourselves during this time because no one else will”.  Vanessa said she “is not doing it for her to get recognition instead it’s because she wants to be able to make an impact on her community with the connections and resources that she has”. 

As of June 11th, it is the 15th day of protest in Minneapolis many are still in need of our support. Please help Vanessa continue to donate and provide support to her community.


If you would like to donate, please send your donations to:

Venmo: @Vanessa-Anyanso

Cashapp: $Vanessa-Anyanso


Please note that with each donation to Vanessa . Sisters Of Powerlifting will be giving 25% off any and all apparel so long as screen shot proof is sent into :

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