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Sista Talk : Body Positivity & Mind Set

Sherine Marcelle

Posted on September 02 2018

Sista Talk : Body Positivity & Mind Set



The last 1.5 years I have been really trying to focus on loving myself and connect with myself as a creative and just as an overall human in general. I learned that I feel the sexiest in my workout clothes and in a pair of earrings, not necessarily at the same time. I learned that the amount of energy I spent picking at my imperfections, I can spend finding the joy and love within myself. I learned that I could and that my body has nothing to actually do with it. It’s my mindset.

The moment I reconnected with myself I started to love myself a bit more. I LOVE being creative. Like legit love finding ways to embrace that more, because that is where I can be my true self. With that confidence came a love for my body.

I never was the skinniest broad and I ALWAYS walked to beat of my ow drum. In my 30s I have learned to really embrace my curves, back fat, and the fact my thighs touch. To think I actually cared my thighs touch! WHO CARES!!! I learned no one does, especially if who walk a sense of self.

The things I want all women identified people to have that sense of self. But how do you gain that sense of self?

Admit wrongs to yourself. Admit your wrongs to others.

 Okay, so this can be a hard one for others. Like, no one wants to admit their wrong.  For me it was the best thing I did for my self-esteem not to mention my leadership. I use to worry about what people think of me. The minute I took ownership of myself in that way. I became more aware of myself and gave myself permission to be wrong…and it’s okay. We don’t have to know everything.

Reconnect of what makes you happy.

 If you use to paint..paint. If you use to write..write. Dedicate some time to things that brings you joy. If you use to sing, go do some karaoke! Reconnect with yourself in that way. Remember how you felt when you did those activities. Do things in some capacity and relish in that moment and happiness.  You desere that happiness!

Set a joy goal for the week or day.

 The joy goal! Yup, everyday I set a joy goal. Mine mostly are for the gym. Deadlift goals, jump rope for an extra minute. A joy goal is something that I can get an instant joy satisfaction. And working out I can get that instant gratification I desire. You can choose your joy goal however you please. I try to make my joy goal some active and something that will feel good and laugh. I set a joy goal once by listening to an album I hadn’t listen to since a teenager. I WAS LIVING! Immediate happiness. Which then prompt me to call an old friend and reminisce.

For me, these are thing top 3 things that keeps me connected with myself and what I do to reconnect with myself. Once I started shifting my mindset on these, I started to gain confidence within myself. I started caring for myself. I started being more positive and looking at myself in a different light.

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