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Bold Is Me

Sherine Marcelle

Posted on May 02 2020

Bold Is Me

At an early age, my parents told me I did not speak unless I had something important to say. I was known to speak through my facial expressions (that hasn’t changed). There are plenty of pictures I could share where i am “speaking through my facial expressions.”
When i was younger, I loved going to a store, that has now closed called Strawbridges & Clothier, with my mom. I would see the cutest outfits and of course asked for my mom to buy them. She would typically say yes, but on one condition. I had to speak to the clerk. I had to ask myself is this cute dress worth the anxiety that is building up in me? Is this dress worth the clerk judging me if I say my words wrong? Eventually I’d decide the dress was worth it. I’d say hi, thank you, and bye as low as possible and we would be on our way.

Many, many years ago I read of a man that committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in New York. He wrote in his note, “If one person smiles at me today, I won’t jump.” This was New York City! Of all the people he passed not one person smiled at him? Not one person made him stop and question his decision? Well, I’ve decided to be that person. It is so easy to feel intimidated by someone’s presence. What if I say the wrong thing? What if they don’t like me? But what if, that one person passes me that needed a smile? What if all they needed was to be acknowledge by eye contact, a glance, or just a “hello”?

When I wanted to start powerlifting I had no idea where to start. I met a friend Sam through social media and finally asked her about powerlifting. She was my foundation in the beginning of my powerlifting journey. Sam would go out of her way to come back to the gym after her workout to help me with mine. She encourages me to this day more than she probably knows. What would’ve happened if she never helped me? I am sure if certain people didn’t encourage me I would not be where I am mentally. Therefore, I always try to use that as my confidence to be bold, to be brave, and just be me.

Boldness doesn’t just happen, it is a process and a challenge every day. Sometimes it’s as simple as setting a goal for the day. For example, I use to challenge myself to speak to a stranger at the gym. I decided that no matter what, I will be that one light to shine in someone’s darkness; be the person that smiles when no one else will. It is a decision that no matter how I feel personally, I choose to go out of my way to prayerfully have an impact on someone’s life. The challenge to be bold, although a work in progress, is becoming easier for me.

So I challenge you be bold. Be the light that gives someone hope. You never know how your actions can impact their life.

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