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Secure And Protect Your Hair With Hair Stylist Kim

Sherine Marcelle

Posted on April 07 2020

Secure And Protect Your Hair With Hair Stylist Kim

The issue many athletes of color face while training is alas DEALING with our hair afterwards . An easy solution to this that I always recommend is protective styling (e.g. box braids, cornrows, twists, locs, crochet, weaves, wigs) that you can just throw up and not have to deal with maintaining after every workout.

However, even with protective styling you want to avoid always tying your hair up in the same position. Try to vary your ponytail/bun alternating between high and low and not all just pulled back to avoid tension and pulling in the same areas of your head. For those who are not into protective styling or choose to wear their hair in natural styles there are still ways to avoid sweating out your hair.


An item I love is the Nicole Ari Park gym wrap that soaks up a lot of sweat from the circumference of your hairline.

With natural styles (e.g. wash and go, twist out, braid out) and pressed hair you can always put your hair up and use this to absorb most of the sweat so you are not left with having to redo your hair every time you workout. Our hair shouldn’t be the deciding factor of us caring for our bodies, we can always take care of both!

 "Kim is a NYC based freelance hairstylist and specializes in a variety of hair styling and care . Her passion and drive to continuously make the effort to inform clients on how to properly care and repair their hair is unmatched as well as her customer service and attention to detail" - Sherine Marcelle 

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