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The Sista Sponsorship



Sisters Of Powerlifting is a home based ran organization to support women lifters of color who strive to be stronger and aspire to inspire . Our current objective for this fundraiser is to assist with sponsoring up to 10 athletes to start of all levels in terms of the following :

1. Meet Fee's

Let us be real its very expensive at times to cover a fee for a meet as well as the membership fee while maintaining other life obligations so we are trying to give back to our fellow lifters with the help of the community .

2. Traveling

We want to take it this far whether it be flight , hotel , gas fees and more we want to make sure that our lifters are covered in every way possible to continue to inspire other women out there

3. Coach Fees / Sports Therapists

Anything helps as the rest of the money comes from our pocket here at sisters of powerlifting . The ten athletes will be announced and their full meet results will be showcased as we continue to support all of our lovely SISTAS and hopefully in the future do even more .


Naturally meets cost anywhere from $100 - $135lbs and that is per lifter so we intend on paying

$100 x 10 = $1,000

Traveling / Hotel - That as a whole can cost up to $2,000 depending on the location so we will be attempting to donate up to $120 if not more towards the athlete

$120 x 10 = $1,200

Coach Fees / Sports Therapists - Coaches charge anywhere from $100 - $300 per month depending on the athlete and what their coach charges we will be donating up to $100 towards their fee .

$100 x 10 = $1,000

Care Packages - We can't always afford the most reliable belts and or singlets so we intend on utilizing the rest of the funds to ship some singlets and or items to help the athlete have a stress free day and only be concerned about HAVING FUN , HITTING PRS & MAKING MEMORIES

Powerlifting is therapeutic and has a great impact on the lives of women . We empower each other , we inspire the young and we make the shy bold enough to know that its ok to step on that platform and STRONG IS ABSOLUTELY "BEAUTIFUL"

Please share the link to help our athletes gofundme.com/TheSistaSponsorship

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