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Meet Powerlifter Tamara Walcott



Many of you know her on social media as Plussize_fitqueen4.0 or even Dove but we know her as Tamara . Its no secret that Tamara has sky rocketed in the powerlifting community over the past year . To give a little bit of context she started her powerlifting journey in 2018 and she's been involve with the barbell ever since . 


Her best meet day lifts was a 385 squat , 242 bench and a 451 deadlift which puts her best total to 1080! However , in her recent social media posts Tamara can be seen tripling 18lbs over her competition  bench best and we must say we are excited to see what this sista brings to the platform next . 



Between her growing business , being a full-time mom and powerlifter this Virgin Island queen has no intentions of slowing down her progress .  Her inspiration to begin powerlifting came from her originally wanting to lean out and feeling like she had no control over her previous weight gain  . Tamara quoted “ I finally felt like i found something i was in control . i couldn't control my weight but i could control how i train “



We went onto asking Tamara how exactly she maintains balance between being a mother of two and working as well.  Her response was simple “structure” . You see , Tamara views life as something that requires the right amount of structure in order to have balance . Its like paying a bill and committing to paying that bill which makes it a priority . 



the world of powerlifting has grown to be one of the most supportive and uplifting community but coming into this sport Tamara didn't feel to welcomed or like she fit in . At nationals overviewing the comments in the live like “Why so many black girls” , made her even more self conscious but it didn't stop her . She was determined to prove to herself that she has a place in the lifting community and that she is capable of inspiring others which she has done so over and over again . 




One of Tamaras major flaws which i think many of us experience this is that fear holds her back . Even so , Tamara has done a great job believing in herself more which as a result has lead to MASSIVE OFF SEASON PRS ! In the next two years she sees herself holding a world record but truthfully , we see her holding many much sooner . 



Naturally Tamara is extremely nurturing so we took the time to ask her :




You seem to be overly caring at times and direct a lot of energy towards being a rock . How do you self care in your times of failure  ?



I take time to disconnect to reconnect because if I'm empty i cant take time to fill someone else up . I sit in silence not for to long but just enough so i can give again . 

It is also no secret that the entire black community is suffering emotionally , physically and mentally . Being a mother to a man and woman of color we took the initiative to ask Tamara what her take on the current events are especially being a mom . 





Communication is key . My children and i  look at things together . I make sure they understand that the world look at you different but understand the core of who you are and where you come from .  You have a strong family . 


Tamara went onto say they she is fearful for her son the most a times but she teaches him to be strong always . She is infuriated that not many have spoken up about this issue or is not taking it as serious but her message to all her brothers and sisters in this sport is to remain STRONG . 



Article Written By : Sherine Marcelle


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